GDAO Ambassadors (GAMBs)


  • The goal of this program is to enable the Governor DAO community to contribute to the overall advancement of the protocol. GDAO wants to provide talented people who are willing to be dedicated to specific aspects of the organization opportunities to grow and thrive in our given industry.

  • Promotes further decentralization incentivizing GDAO holders to work for the DAO and receive rewards/payment for doing so.

  • The Ambassador program aims to bridge all the necessary gaps between the developers and the community.

  • As Governor DAO grows, there will be more opportunities to onboard more Ambassadors in accordance with that growth


All Ambassadors: will be responsible for attending weekly Ambassadors meetings, will remain active and engaging on GDAO social media handles, will be knowledgeable about all things GDAO, and will work closely with the community and core team in helping build out the decentralized future of Governor DAO.

Lead/Operations Ambassador: will be responsible for communicating between the core team and the Ambassadors. They will oversee the itinerary of the other ambassadors and provide encouragement and support where needed. They will direct the onboarding process for newly elected Ambassadors and will be responsible for supporting any Ambassador for interim periods if needed.

Community Ambassador: will be the first line of communications for Telegram/Discord assistance, will help troubleshoot PoE Authentication issues, and, when needed, will direct traffic to appropriate information or Ambassador for answers. They will dedicate time daily to interact with Telegram/Discord to push community engagement on GDAO proposals, initiatives, and social media posts.

Marketing Ambassador: will establish new pipelines with NFT artists, interested DAOs, and content marketers (e.g., YouTube creators, Twitter influencers). They will aid in company engagement strategies, document any treasury and liquidity generation event proposals, and will generate regular treasury reports.

Business Development Ambassador: will be responsible for Social Media Posting, handling the GAMB Twitter Account, finding new partnerships via social media, Twitter spaces, Reddit, Discord, direct messaging web3 related communities by establishing a connection and entering it into Google Spreadsheet; Following up with existing connections/leads for partnerships by tracking them via a google spreadsheet

Each GAMB will be responsible for tracking their work in an excel spreadsheet which will detail the type of work done and the estimated time it took to complete it. The Lead Gamb will monitor this to track progress, and each GAMB will compile monthly and quarterly reports of work done.

Election Process & Payment

To be eligible for the Ambassador Election, candidates will need to:

  • Hold a PoE token and be in the Human Chat.

  • Candidates must also commit to 10+ hours of work per week with tasks that are tracked and managed on Google Spreadsheets.

Elections are held every quarter per the following procedures:

NOTE: The inaugural set of elections are not subject to the same timeline, and each position is handled in accordance with what is outlined in 4a.

  1. Before the end of the current quarter, existing ambassadors signal their intent to extend or exit their role.

    • a. If the ambassador chooses to extend, they are expected to detail the work done over the previous quarter and their plans for the upcoming quarter.

    • b. No further information is necessary if they wish to exit, but they are expected to signal their exit on the forums.

  2. At 2pm Pacific Time on the 15th day of the new quarter, pursuant to the schedule outlined in 2.(b), a three-day PoE vote will take place on Snapshot for each Ambassador that has signaled the intention to extend their role for another term. During this time, existing Ambassadors will continue to fulfill their weekly duties.

    • a. A simple majority wins this vote, with no quorum requirement.

    • b. Every quarterly vote will take place on the 15th by 2pm PST of the corresponding month, with Q1 starting February, Q2 May, Q3 Aug, Q4 Nov.

    • c. Starting October 1, 2022, quarters will align with proper financial quarters.

  3. In the event that a role is left vacant or token holders vote to “replace” the incumbent, anyone within the Governor DAO community who meets eligibility requirements can signal their intent to run for the challenged or vacant role.

    • Candidates must signal their candidacy to the forums no later than 24 hours before these “contention” or “vacancy” elections take place.

  4. Any applicable follow-up votes will take place seven days after the first set of votes are concluded.

    • a. If there are two or more candidates, each candidate for the position will be listed in a single-choice vote.

    • b. If there is one candidate, that individual is automatically confirmed to the position.

    • c. If there are no candidates, the position remains vacant and is the responsibility of the Lead Ambassador to fill or extinguish.

  5. If a seated Ambassador exits or is removed outside of this election cycle, the Lead Ambassador can fill the position with an interim replacement for the duration of the quarter OR extinguish said position until they see fitting, depending on the factors of incoming revenue, community interest and treasury funds.

Once elected, the Ambassadors will get paid a USD rate in USDC or ETH each month. This payment will be distributed as follows:

  • Elected Ambassadors will be paid in “monthly increments”; these funds will be derived from GovBox to specified Ambassador positions.

  • After each consecutive full Quarter, incumbent ambassadors receive +33% raise from their base payment, capped out at +100% base pay on their fourth consecutive Quarter.

  • From the fifth consecutive quarter onwards, pay raises are to be handled on a case-by-case basis using holistic guidelines determined by the team and lead ambassador. Such raises are to be handled through the quarterly GAMB payment proposal.

  • Changes to program payment rates may be proposed by any member of the community (GAMB, team, or otherwise). Payments for the quarter are set for the quarter.

  • In the event of an interim appointee, they will receive a pro-rated bonus at the end of their first full month equal to the portion of the month worked previously (for example, if an interim ambassador is appointed on the 15th of the month, they will receive 1.5x monthly payment at the end of the following month).

Code of Conduct

The Lead/Operations Ambassador acts as the directly responsible individual for other ambassadors and is responsible for managing the program. This includes the following responsibilities/privileges:


  • The Lead Ambassador can place any of the ambassadors on “probation.” An ambassador placed on probation will see their next payment withheld after being placed on probation.

  • Probation indicates that the ambassador is failing to perform according to expectations. The Lead Ambassador may choose to alleviate the probation upon improvement or remove the ambassador on continued failure.

  • If alleviated from probation, the ambassador will receive their withheld payment at the next payment period. An ambassador with no previous discipline must be placed on probation before removal.

  • An ambassador that has previously been placed on probation may be removed at any time.

  • The Lead Ambassador may remove an ambassador on Probation for 7+ days.

  • Probation and Removal should only be used as a measure to address lack of engagement from the offending ambassador.

Fulfilling or Extinguishing Vacant Roles:

  • In the event that a role is not filled after an election or a role becomes vacant prior to elections, the Lead Ambassador is responsible for appointing an interim replacement or extinguishing said role until they see fit.

  • The Lead Ambassador may use their judgment to choose the replacement, but they are encouraged to consult with other GAMBs.

Creating New Roles:

The Lead Ambassador, in cooperation with other GAMBs, may introduce new roles into the existing Ambassador framework.


  • The removal of an ambassador, filling or extinguishing a vacant role, and creating a new role must be shared to the forums.

  • Probations should be discussed at the discretion of the Lead Ambassador.


  • The Lead Ambassador serves as the primary conduit between the core team and GAMBs.

  • The Lead Ambassador is encouraged to communicate strategies with the team to most effectively deploy GAMB resources for meaningful work towards the DAO.

If an individual is interested in an available Ambassador position, please consider highlighting yourself as a potential nominee along with the skills or ideas you bring to this program in the Human Chat. As a decentralized autonomous organization, it is imperative that the community remain engaged and that transparency be paramount. This Ambassadors program is a significant stepping stone for Governor DAO, and we hope it will aid in successfully building out the overall vision of the community.

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