Passport Portal / PoE Dispenser

A summary detailing the functionality of the Passport Dashboard and self serve PoE dispenser.

Passport Portal & PoE dispenser

Passport Portal - Governor DAO

The passport page is the latest deployment from GDAO which provides real time statistics and information to the community.

The page is sectioned into several panels which provide different offerings.

Simple summary of the following

Your PoE VIP Status

  • Status of connected wallet: ‘Connected: wallet address’

  • Chain the wallet is connected to: Ethereum Mainnet

  • Your biometric wallet status: unenrolled/enrolled

  • Status of your PoE token.

PoE Holder Only Section

The section is expanded on detection of a PoE token. The section is currently showing a users GDAO/xGDAO holdings with a plan to build out additional on-chain statistics for PoE enrolled users in the future.

Proof of Existence Statistics

Details statistics on biometric VIP enrolments & PoE mints historically. In the future further on-chain statistics will be reported.

Proof of Existence Verifier

Any on-chain wallet can be verified by entering a wallet address which will report on the status of that wallet holding a PoE token. The following information will be presented.

  • Status if wallet has a PoE Token

  • If the wallet has enrolled as a VIP through the biometric authentication portal

  • Holds GDAO or xGDAO

Proof of Existence Token Claim Portal

Once enrolled through the VIP portal a PoE token can be minted here. Every 4 hours a batch process runs which collects new VIP enrollments and updates the smart contract on-chain which will authorize any new enrollments to mint a PoE token. The interval of the batch job can be changed at any time with 4 hours being practical currently.

When authorized to mint a PoE token a button will appear which will allow a PoE token to be minted with a gas fee to complete the transaction. GDAO has no control over the price of gas therefore we recommend checking before minting to minimize purchasing when gas is high. Gas can be checked here

Currently GDAO is not charging for the PoE token, the only cost is the gas to mint. In the future there are plans to charge for the PoE token with a percentage sent to the vault. The price of the PoE token will be decided by the community who will vote on an agreed sustainable fee.

The following mint button will appear when your wallet is authorized to mint a PoE Token

Enroll at the following page and join the fight for sybil resistance

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