Get Some MATIC (Buy/Bridge)

How to obtain MATIC for NFT mints and more!
There are numerous ways to fund your Polygon wallet with $MATIC for use during NFT mints and token sales: below we categorize them based on value and ease of the process.
  • BEST OPTION - Buy Polygon directly from Coinbase or another centralized exchange (Kucoin, Binance) and send directly to your MATIC wallet address via withdrawal. This process circumvents ETH gas fees and will cost less than $1 in all cases.
  • a. Purchase value in MATIC using exchange from another held crypto or via bank ACH/Credit card.
  • b. Withdraw MATIC to your MetaMask wallet via the withdraw tab.
  • Credit/Debit OTC Option - Purchase MATIC directly using a service such as CEX ( or MoonPay ( this will allow you to purchase OTC via a credit/debit card (depends on country of origin) and sends directly to your MATIC wallet in one transaction. Fees are generally 1-2.5%.
  • a. Navigate to your preferred OTC provider.
  • b. Input MATIC amount you would like, input wallet address for receiving, and credit card information.
  • c. Submit the transaction and shortly after confirmation MATIC will appear in your wallet.
  • Bridging Option - Swap MATIC for another token in your ETH wallet via bridging. This process requires the most time, is the most likely to have an issue with, and can be confusing to inexperienced users. This process will require some ETH for bridging as well as a small amount of MATIC. If you decide to swap AFTER bridging funds you will save some ETH at the expense of needing MATIC up front. You can obtain enough MATIC for gas fees from a faucet such as
  • a. Decide whether you will swap first or bridge first. If swapping first continue with B below, if not bridge funds first (follow D) then return to B - the swap of your choice to swap to MATIC.
  • b. Navigate to your swap of choice (Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1Inch)
  • c. Swap the token of your choice (ETH will be cheapest if still on ETH Mainnet) for MATIC, gas fees will apply if you perform the swap from ETH Mainnet.
  • d. Bridging to MATIC from ETH Main requires using the official MATIC BRIDGE ( or another supported service bridge ( - please login with your ETH wallet and bridge the MATIC purchased above - two separate transactions will take place. The first will require ETH gas, the second will require a small amount of MATIC (can be obtained from faucet). Using this method, the process to move over from ETH to Polygon may take up to 10 minutes due to the block timing. Note: Be sure you are bridging from ETH TO MATIC.

Matic Faucet

You can obtain enough MATIC for gas fees from a faucet such as
Once you have completed one of the three methods above you will have MATIC in your wallet. To add MATIC to your available network selection list, please go to and search for “Polygon Mainnet” an option will show to connect your wallet and then to add the chain. This will add Polygon (Matic) Mainnet to your available chains in Metamask. Open your wallet on the Polygon (MATIC) chain to see your balance and transact with Polygon (MATIC) offerings such as
Manual MATIC Settings