Polygon NFT Bridge Guide

Quick summary on bridging NFT's to Mainnet with considerations

Polygon NFT launchpad Q & A Summary of questions regarding minting and bridging NFTs from Polygon to Mainnet

  1. Can I move my NFT from Polygon to Mainnet or vice versa? In Short yes, there are currently a few options available for moving your NFT from Polygon to Mainnet, or vice versa using an app https://bridge.mintnft.today/

  2. What will it cost to bridge/move? The cost to send from Polygon to Mainnet is approximately the same cost as sending an ERC-20 token on mainnet from one wallet to another plus the added upfront small MATIC Token fee on the POLYGON network.

  3. Will the NFT display in OpenSea once I have moved to Mainnet? This depends on whether the artist has aggregated the data to the opposing network. There is no good way to ascertain this before moving the NFT, so beware! You can ALWAYS sell the NFT and a bid can be placed, but it MAY NOT be β€œas public” as it once was.

  4. Will all the NFT attributes and rarities still display on Mainnet OpenSea? This is dependent on whether the artist has aggregated the data to the opposing network and set up the collection on the opposing network.

  5. If the OpenSea collection was set up for Polygon, would there need to be an OpenSea Collection on Mainnet too? Yes, the artist would need to set up the collection for both chains in most cases, unless the original collection was ERC1155 tokens, in which case it will cross over automatically.

  6. Would it affect the value if an NFT collection is scattered across chains? The collection itself has a floor value and metrics for sales; this value would not necessarily transfer over or may transfer with a lower value if moved from one chain to another.

  7. From a resale value, if I moved my NFT from Polygon to Mainnet, are there any considerations before I move/bridge? The price could be LOWER or higher if you move the asset. Considering whether the collection is aggregated to OpenSea and optics of the chain are also key.

  8. How do I configure my wallet to connect to Polygon? The following dAPP will configure your MetaMask wallet on the majority of chains: https://chainlist.org/

Polygon/Matic Links Polygon bridge – Send crypto from Mainnet to Polygon: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge

Uniswap equivalent to acquire Matic: https://quickswap.exchange/

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