Summary of who Governor DAO is and what we do.

Governor DAO is a Wyoming-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization positioned as the “DAO of DAOs”. Governors offer a suite of products and services for projects looking to build DAO qualities in their communities. Our offerings include an industry-first Sybil-resistance product for one-voice-one-vote governance and as governance bootstraps for new communities, consultations, and smart contract porting.

A proper DAO model is more efficient and has better scaling than the traditional corporation. In the future, many physical and digital businesses will operate as DAOs. Functioning as a DAO is another step in the right direction for GDAO to help guide the DAO revolution in the coming years.

Who are we and what is the vision?

By decentralizing project ownership, Governor Decentralized Autonomous Organization (GDAO) allows founders and core team members to hold fewer legal liabilities and offer more open-based “Sandbox-like'' services in DeFi. Driven by its biometrically verified Proof-of-Existence token, GDAO aims to be a role model for other DAOs by offering its end-users the utmost security and anonymity in a true, decentralized governance community.

Governance-as-a-Service (GaaS)

Just like the legendary Rising Phoenix, GDAO rose from the ashes of a major public exit scam [Link]. At this time, the Ownership-as-a-Service protocol was created and GDAO offers this same framework to communities who have been disadvantaged by greedy developers or exploits that have left the token with a less-than-optimal existence. These communities can leverage GDAO’s technology to create their own Phoenix from the ashes.

The steady and involved Governor community is encouraged to freely contribute as active voters on third-party projects via a Voting Bootstrap which ensures that voting quorums are met and long-term interests are being upheld from start to end. New projects, struggling projects, and large projects alike can benefit from the input of GDAO and the community, creating an environment where feedback and sane voting strategies come directly from those who hold the GDAO token.

By leveraging xGDAO and Governance Vault technology, GDAO will fully transition into a comprehensive decentralized community. PoE Governors will be able to stake GDAO as xGDAO and gain access to network revenue earnings, verified voting processes, as well as launchpads, and other DAO services. This is in addition to the PoE VIP whitelist to which ALL PoE holders are automatically added.

Why do DAOs need GaaS?

With the recent emergence of new genesis blockchain projects and DeFi DAOs ascending, it is being revealed that safe, secure, and trusted communities are going to be paramount for the foreseeable future of blockchain technologies. By offering Governance-as-a-Service (GaaS), GDAO anticipates offering proficient security through Proof-of-Existence (PoE) verification and admittance into communal governance discussions, advancements, integrations, and interests.

GaaS intends to resolve these common glitches found in most startup DAOs:

· Insufficient pre-launch stipulations leading to failed governance

· Uninterested token holders seeming indifferent to contributing to DAO actions

· Poor governance framework failing to correspond with token circulation

· Short-term opportunists, or “Whales”, generating early skewed staking positions

Prove You Exist by claiming a Biometrically Authenticated Token

The Proof-of-Existence (PoE) smart contract uses biometric verification as part of the process to mint a token specific to the GDAO end-user. Completing this process authenticates and verifies individuals (Governors) who wish to use GaaS and prove their existence on other integrated websites. The PoE model is Sybil resistant - meaning that only one wallet per person may be signed up - allowing for TRULY FAIR modeling. PoE offers a decisive progression in building structural DAOs with integrity, and is available as a service to third parties who wish to secure their platform for a variety of reasons, or create a safer, more fair environment for their next NFT Mint or Token Airdrop.

Beyond acting as a “Digital Identification Card” PoE also plays a crucial role in transitioning the DAO into a completely decentralized state. Functioning along a bonding curve, PoE is designed to act as a major benefactor of yield returns for GDAO investors. The Governance Vault earnings determine the future progress and success of GDAO and moreover, other DAOs looking to become legitimized blockchain businesses; generating revenue for the Governance Vault in this manner allows Governors to apply the voting power of truly decentralized governance. The bonding curve assures that subsequent PoE enrollments go UP in price over time, so as the viability increases; users pay more for a service that is truly unique and is a one-time enrollment fee - this also ensures as we grow out, more funding comes into the Vault via the Payment Splitter.

GDAO: The Role Model for other DAOs

As with any effective business model, success starts with trustful leadership and positive community interactions. In an age when DeFi is becoming heavily used, the need for safe governance is imperative. By creating an ecosystem of verified Governors, GDAO is building a decentralized governance protocol with its community members at the forefront. Governance is intended to keep order and safety and Governor DAO is a first-of-its-kind technology leading by example.

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