Finance Committee


Given recent conversation surrounding revenue flow and referrals, there seems to be significant work done to create a formalized-in-writing framework the DAO can use for managing month-to-month revenue inflow and referral payouts.

While exact numbers will take some time, the ballpark of what feels right seems to be widely understood. Rather than trying to find those perfect numbers, we seek to institute a lightweight finance committee to help carry out what feels right.


The finance committee has three main responsibilities:, outlined as follows.

Compile monthly treasury reporting

The finance committee will compile a monthly report on inflow (revenue generated, grants, etc.) and outflow (team payments, gas costs, expenses, etc.) and month-over-month changes to treasury balance, governance vault payouts, referrals, etc.

Create a monthly policy for the utilization of revenue

The Finance Committee to build a plan around the utilization of the previous month’s inflow and treasury reserves. Funds are broken down as follows:

  1. Monthly payments and expenses

  2. Governance vault buybacks

  3. Referral payments

  4. Excess to (or deficit from) treasury

Authorize Governor DAO Referrers

Referrers are individuals eligible to earn a commission for bringing in revenue to Governor DAO. By default, all team members and GAMBs are eligible to earn a commission. The Finance Committee holds the responsibility to grant access to community members to play referrer.

This permission should include some cursory education on the service costs and some standard messaging/target audience. Referrers should maintain some base communication with the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee is also expected to maintain correspondence with all eligible recipients of commissions to maintain a level of fairness and transparency in their operations.


In addition to the three main responsibilities, the Finance Committee is also responsible for building out a better battle-tested framework that can replace some of the initial qualitative reporting done by the committee.

In other words, the Finance Committee should create the documentation that outlines, e.g., how revenue flow is handled, rather than determining what makes the most sense each month.


The Finance Committee will be headed by the BizDev Ambassador.

At least one member of the core team (at the discretion of the team and Head of Finance Committee) is required.

One member of the community (not GAMB or core) is preferred but not required.


Each month, the Finance Committee is expected to report on the project’s financials, including month-over-month inflows/outflows and policy surrounding governance vault buybacks and total commissions.

The Committee is expected to engage with recipients of commission on a rolling basis, as well as confirm members of the community as eligible for commission as “Referrers.”


As this is designed to be a lightweight committee by existing enrolled ambassadors/team members, no additional compensation is budgeted.

As the finance community better formalizes, this is subject to change.

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