🎨PoE for NFT Artists

Our NFT Launchpad is an incubated, powered by PoE experience where clients can self-select the level of engagement/support from Governor DAO and execute a provably fair NFT mint.

NFT Minting SUCKS! Bots and whales have completely ruined the experience, pricing out most individuals from most mints and sucking huge value away from insane gas spikes. Often users will pay hundreds - even thousands - of dollars in extra gas to secure an NFT mint. None of that goes to the artist!

With Proof-of-Existence, artists can authenticate their mints and NFTs to initiate more intuitive drops. This could include:

  • Non-competitive pre-minting, where authenticated individuals have <period of time> to mint before the live launch

  • Anti-Whale price curve, where each additional mint is more expensive than the previous (perhaps with a free first mint to all authenticated users)

  • Baked-in limitations in the NFT itself that assert users can only hold up to <number> of NFTs

Additionally, NFT artists leveraging Proof-of-Existence can bootstrap their engagement/community by leveraging the existing, growing VIP group of authenticated users that are signed up for the very reason of learning about these types of opportunities.

Artists are highly encouraged to walk through the technology for themselves. Authenticate through the portal, and once confirmed, head back to that domain to access the "Humans Only" VIP chat room.

See the Developers section on how to integrate POE into your own contracts. If you're not comfortable with Solidity or looking to build out a more comprehensive relationship, reach out to the Governor DAO community for additional support. The Humans Only VIP chat referenced above is the best way to get in front of GDAO holders and the developer team.

Proof-of-Existence Best Practices

The tech itself is permissionless, but for best results, follow these tips to get the maximum engagement on your authenticated NFT mint:

  • Reach out to the Governor DAO community! Authenticate, join the VIP chat, and introduce yourself. This is your direct access to a large, growing group of crypto-savvy individuals eager to learn about opportunities like your NFT mint.

  • Prepare time for new POE signups. The POE enrollment process can take up to 24 hours for confirmation after enrollment. If you plan to create a time-sensitive privilege for authenticated wallets, make sure to point your own supporters/community to the authentication page and instruct them to authenticate well in advance of the mint.

  • Think through the best way to "privilege" authenticated users. There is a ton of flexibility in best situating your mint. POE holders can have early access, different mint prices, and more. Your mint can be locked to only POE holders or a mix of both. Plan accordingly!

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