NFT Launchpad - Provably Fair Mints with PoE

Our NFT Launchpad is an incubated, powered by PoE experience where clients can self-select the level of engagement/support from Governor DAO and execute a provably fair NFT mint.

Proof of Existence is immediately applicable to improving the global standard for NFT minting.

NFT collections incubated through the Governor Launchpad award some percentage of initial sales to Governor DAO as well as some percentage of resales.

The Problem with the Status Quo

Gas wars, front-running bots, whales, and corrupt NFT drops have been jeopardizing fair NFT launches.

Genuine buyers are being priced out and dominated by large whales who end up taking a majority of an artist's mints, preventing high percentages of unique buyers from participating, and forcing the outcome of NFT launches to be predictable with less value than a centralized off-chain offering. The pattern doesn’t need to continue.

The Solution - Proof of Existence

Governor DAO has the tech to change the landscape to provide fair NFT launches while maintaining a decentralized process and, more importantly, supporting Sybil resistance.

The answer is Governor DAO’s Proof of Existence (PoE) Token. This technology enables the authentication and verification of one wallet per individual without compromising that individual’s anonymity. In other words, it’s KYC-Free.

The Say-Tec Tech

Finnovant's revolutionary Say-Tec technology ensures that users enjoy a 100% anonymous and non-intrusive biometrics signup process to authenticate their one wallet.

When a user enrolls their biometrics, a mechanism encrypts the captured video into a verifiable string of characters resulting in a hash. This hash cannot be converted back to video data. It is a one-way conversion, ensuring your biometric data is safe. No human ever sees face or voice readings.

Say-Tec authentication provides the highest security levels, utilizing technology that cannot be predicted, replicated, reused, or replayed. Finnovant & Say-Tec FAQs

Upon authentication, the user’s wallet is whitelisted using an ERC-20 PoE token, granting an exclusive VIP experience full of future opportunities, rewards, and privileges. Projects can then leverage this whitelist on-chain for a wide variety of use cases, including promoting their products and services.

Innovation Unleashed

Governor DAO’s NFT LaunchPad is one of the best examples showcasing the power and versatility of PoE. It operates on the Ethereum and Polygon networks and is fully compatible with integrations on EVM chains.

Benefits and examples of unique offerings for using GDAOs PoE NFT Launch: NFT Artist Onramp Info

  1. Non-competitive pre-minting: Authenticated individuals have <period of time> or presale to mint before the public sale/launch

  2. Anti-Whale price curve: Each additional mint is more expensive than the previous (perhaps with a free first mint to all authenticated users)

  3. Baked-in limitations in the NFT itself that assert users can only hold up to <number> of NFTs

  4. Tiered launches can apply various conditions to a pre/post-sale based on PoE/Non-PoE. For example:

  • Pre-sale PoE holders can mint one NFT free and purchase additional NFTs for a PoE fixed price that could follow through to the public sale

  • PoE holders could receive a free NFT presale, then discount NFTs in the public sale

  • Reservation of free NFTs for PoE holders that, when 100% are claimed, triggers a public sale, or public sale could be for a fixed duration following, i.e., 48 hours.

  • PoE holders get a discount.

  1. Artists can tailor the style of mint for PoE whitelist holders to fit their community, e.g., pre-sale, dutch auction, freebie, cliff pricing, English auction, etc.

  2. 100 Percent Unique address holders verified through biometrics to secure one mint per user [or more] defined by the artist

The possibilities are limitless. Visit the NFT LaunchPad to view past mints at and contact us with questions and opportunities to utilize this exclusive, groundbreaking technology for your next drop!

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