How to Integrate PoE to Snapshot

A brief how-to on integrating global PoE (Proof of Existence) token into your project's snapshot or scattershot voting portal.

1. Get an ENS Domain for Your Space

If you haven't already, follow this guide - to get your ENS domain.

Once you have created your ENS domain, Go to this URL and modify the tag with your ENS domain.<ENS DOMAIN>/settings and login with the wallet that owns the ENS domain.

Once connected, the <your-address> tag will be replaced with your wallet address.

You will need a wallet that can sign messages like MetaMask, Fortmatic, Portis, Argent. Don't use a Gnosis Safe as they are currently not supported.

If you are on your domain space and connected with your wallet you will see the correct IPNS link in the ENS field. Click on the button Set record on ENS, and you will get redirected to ENS page.

  • On the ENS page, click on ADD/EDIT RECORD.

  • Select TEXT and type the key "snapshot" in lowercase.

  • Paste the IPNS link in the field.

  • Click Save.

  • Scroll down and click Confirm.

  • Sign the transaction with your wallet.

3. Setup Your Space Settings

Refresh the Snapshot settings page<ENS DOMAIN>/settings to see the space setting.


  • Name is the name that will be displayed in your space.

  • About is the description of your governance purposes.

  • Avatar is your project logo.

  • Network must be the network relative to your token. (PoE is currently available on ETH Mainnet, Rinkeby, Polygon (MATIC), and Polygon Mumbai Testnet.)

  • Symbol is the main token symbol that will be displayed in your space.

  • Skin can be left as a default, used as an existing one or you can create your own skin.

  • Twitter and Github just add a username to link to your different accounts.

  • Domain Name is optional but you can add a custom domain.

  • Terms links to your website's terms and conditions.

  • Hide Space from the Home Page if you want to keep your space "private".


A strategy is a JavaScript function that defines how the voting power is calculated. You need to add a voting strategy for your proposals. erc20-balance-of is the strategy we will be using for PoE "One Voice, One Vote" integration. You can have multiple strategies and can have your custom strategies as well, including a hybrid strategy of PoE + Token Balance/x to incorporate both holdings and individuality.

You need to add a voting strategy for your proposals. erc20-balance-of is the strategy of choice for PoE.

You can add up to 5 strategies in your space.

Once selected, you can edit the strategy by clicking on it and adding the following information:

  1. Symbol: PoE

  2. Address: For ETH Mainnet the PoE Address is - 0x5945bAF9272e0808165aDea61b932eC1604FB161 For Polygon the PoE Address is - 0x15A84E83e039a63a230ba786231dfB99544f7acB

  3. Decimals: 1 - Since the token is not fractionalized the decimal point is not needed - default to 1.

To learn more about different strategies for use:


The admins will be able to edit the space settings and moderate proposals. You must add one address per line.


Members will be able to create proposals without being constrained by filters. You must add one address per line. Generally keeping this blank is recommended so that logic is not confusing for users. If you want proposals to be generated by team members only be sure to demarcate those addresses here.


  • Proposal Threshold is the minimum number of tokens required to create a proposal, since we are working with a single token this should be set to 1.

  • Proposal Validation is a custom function to validate if someone can post a proposal or not. You can use the basic validation by default which takes your voting power with space strategies and checks if you pass a defined threshold. Others are available but the default is recommended.

  • Allow Only Members to Submit a Proposal makes sure that only members specified in members field are allowed to submit a proposal.


Plugins give extra features for your space. Explore plugins as needed, be sure to thoroughly understand what plugins DO before adding them and possibly breaking voting logic.

4. Save Your Settings

Click "Save" then confirm the action in your wallet.

You are all set! You can go on<ENS_DOMAIN> to see your space.

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