Governance as a Service (GaaS)

Decentralization and DAO principles are very good when done right but incredibly hard to achieve. Failure can lead to disastrous consequences.

All the products and services below reflect Governor DAO’s toolkit to offer Governance-as-a-Service. GaaS refers to Governor’s ability to act as the “DAO of DAOs,” incubating and supercharging other projects of all spurts under our ever-growing Governor DAO umbrella.

GaaS is conceived with network effects in mind: Every time a new project enrolls in GaaS, Governor’s scope grows. Our ecosystem of friendlies increases and more individuals enter our project. The bigger the Governor DAO ecosystem is, the more powerful our offerings are. The more powerful our offerings, the more projects are interested in engaging with us. Ideally, it’s an irreversible flywheel that never stops once it kicks into gear.

Proof of Existence (PoE)

Proof of Existence is Governor DAO’s best-in-class defense against Sybil attacks. Since the beginning of blockchain, the permissionless, anonymous nature of the space leads to mechanisms that are incredibly vulnerable to exploitation by users taking on numerous accounts/wallets/identities.

Sybil attacks require developers to build projects that are either KYC-only or designed on an unlimited weight basis (meaning the more $$ one has, the bigger influence they have). This leads to unfair or vulnerable mechanisms surrounding activities like:

  • Token Launches/NFT Mints

  • Governance Voting

  • Airdrops

  • Play-to-Earn

  • Yield Farming

  • And much more...

Proof of Existence is a “human gate” that enables the above to take place within per-person limits designed by the project. NFT launches and token sales can limit the number of mints or the size of contributions per person. DAOs can practice democratic or logarithmically-weighted voting modules. Airdrops can be provably assigned equally to each person participating. Play-to-earn games can offer quests that are bot-proof on many accounts. Yield farms can introduce whale caps or taxes.

PoE offers Sybil resistance in a way that is…

  • 100% Effective

  • 100% Anonymous

  • Universal (wherever EVM exists)

  • 30-second sign-up

  • One line of code integration

NFT Launchpad

Proof of Existence is immediately applicable to improving the global standard for NFT minting. Our NFT Launchpad is an incubated, powered by PoE experience where clients can self-select the level of engagement/support from Governor DAO and execute a provably fair NFT mint.

NFT collections incubated through the Governor Launchpad award some percentage of initial sales to Governor DAO as well as some percentage of resales.

Liquidity Generation Event

Governor DAO’s unique, fair launch as an unrug required immense creativity to operate in a way to maximize the confidence of participants as well as the value of their inputs. This culminated in the LGE model.

User contributions are leased, not exchanged, and paired with new tokens for liquidity. Over time, users can reclaim their initial contribution AND new token from the LP. Additional mechanics like decaying fees, reflections, and initial contribution taxes enable a better, working launch out-of-the-box for every participant.

One Voice One Vote

Governance was never supposed to be whale-catered. One Voice One Vote reflects better token governance standards, unlocked by Proof-of-Existence. Those standards include:

  • Democratic (one vote per person)

  • Capped (weight-based voting with a minimum and maximum)

  • Logarithmic (Diminishing weight gains from additional token holdings)

  • Quadratic

Custom Smart Contract Standards

Governor DAO’s unique launch required optimized mechanics for the project to succeed. We launched GDAO smarter, and we use those best practices for others to launch smarter, too. Projects can engage Governor DAO for assistance and deployment of token, NFT, sale, loyalty rewards, and vault contracts that are custom-built, battle-tested, and proven better than market alternatives.

DAO Consulting

Governor’s team and community have undergone a unique trial-by-fire that uniquely positions the project as a whole as experts in working DAO governance. Engage the team and community to ensure your DAO works right - the first time around.

Future Offerings

PoE Passport

As more and more projects leverage Proof-of-Existence for their various web3 needs, a central hub of content and management will be necessary to ensure that existing users are always aware of new opportunities.

The PoE Passport will be a comprehensive dashboard where users can view token sales, NFT mints, giveaways, governance votes, and more by projects protecting their mechanisms with PoE. The dashboard intends to build out on-chain statistics and reputational scores based on ownership of a Proof of Existence token.

Token Factory

A Permissionless, rug-proof, no-code, templated token launch using our LGE model and better smart contract standards. Anyone can launch their own token in a 100% safe manner. Taxes from every token created and sold through the factory go back to Governor DAO.


Governor DAO is situated as a collective of highly engaged Governors with ownership in numerous projects that leverage GDAO. Our holders vote on these other projects as well as others that contract us for the express purpose of bootstrapping their governance with a mature, engaged, seasoned community.

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