Proof of Existence Snapshots

A dedicated Proof of Existence token Snapshot has been set up to further implement our vision of β€œOne Voice, One Vote.” []

This snapshot is different from the GDAO snapshot in a few fundamental ways: primarily because the maximum amount of PoE tokens any one holder can have is one. This allows, for a multitude of verifiably fair voting processes. Most notably the PoE snapshot allows for TRUE Sybil resistant voting with each person being able to vote only once, with ALL votes weighted evenly.

The previous GDAO snapshot page can still be used alongside this PoE Snapshot page to get a weighted vote with two inputs - similar to the Electoral College (USA). An example is below:

100 GDAO/PoE holders vote on quarter one payment initiatives. The 100 individuals can vote on a β€œOne Voice, One Vote” standard first using the PoE snapshot - showing a democratically drawn vote count. The same individuals would then vote on the GDAO snapshot which would bring holdings into play and weigh the votes appropriately. Quorum (total % of votes needed) on BOTH snapshot votes would be adjusted (ie: 70% POE/50% GDAO) to allow for a HIGHER positive or negative input to be needed. The final count on these snapshot votes would be summed using the following formula: ((PoE Votes x 1.5) + (GDAO Votes)) / 2 This new vote count means that PoE holders are weighed heavier than GDAO holders - because we KNOW they are unique holders with unique input. The GDAO voters on the other hand are instrumental to the DAO and their input is weighted as always at the same rate as snapshot output. Once these two are averaged together the vote becomes much more CONCISE given the nature of the quorum and the voting average. The final vote count would be used to decide on the initiative with a higher passing percentage required versus past votes. (70%)

Another way in which the PoE voting snapshot page can be leveraged is to vote on PoE-centric initiatives that affect the PoE holders themselves primarily. An example of this could be Non-PoE deposit or withdrawal fee changes in the vault - as the PoE holders themselves are the MOST important input in this case.

We would like to remind you again that the PoE token is STILL free to obtain via

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